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Various planned water outages will occur from 300 to 500 E through the first week of June.  Residents will be notified.  Outages will last daily from 7am - 8pm

Water Disconnect Notice(s):  

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Summer / Fall Phase 1B Schedule Begins:  


  • Friday, June 9 (updated) - Roadways will be excavated along 400 and 500S, starting at 100E and moving East to replace sewer main pipelines. 

  • Monday, June 5 (tentative) - Roadways will be excavated along Center Street and 100N, starting at 100E and moving East to replace sewer main pipelines. 

Landscaping Restoration:  Crews have completed restoring private/public ROW surface landscaping along 100 E.  Surface restoration of landscaping between 100E and 500E will begin after paving is completed, however, emergent repairs to irrigation lines will be addressed on request.  If you have immediate needs, contact our hotline.

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Winter / Spring 2022-23:  Roadway excavation to replace water & sewer main lines is ongoing.  This phase (1A-2) of the project will affect properties between 200 and 400 S. from 100 to 500 E.​​  Sewer cleanouts and water meters will be replaced and relocated to the edge of the designated public right-of-way lines.  In some instances, pressurized irrigation and fiber-optic connectivity will also be added.  See map below for active work locations.  


Updated 06/03/23 9:30am

Latest Summary:  There are upwards of 11 individual crews on the job site.   All sewer mainline and laterals into properties s are installed on the phase 1A-2 Winter/Spring phase.   All mainline water pipelines and service connections are also complete.  Pressurized Irrigation(PI) main line and service connections are near completion and should be wrapped up by June 8.  The fiber optic cables will be dropped within the same trench as the PI.

Phase 1A-2 Paving Forecast:  Geneva Rock will be onsite starting May 30 (updated) to prep the roadways for final paving.  New pavement is expected to arrive by the first week in June 7, starting with streets between 100 and 300 E.  Landscaping restoration should begin simultaneously to the paving work.  Please return to this website for frequent updates.

* Schedule subject to change based on weather and material delivery



The city's water and sewer infrastructure in the Central Heber area has significantly exceeded its service life.  As such, necessary improvements essential to maintaining a safe and reliable water/sewer system for residents and businesses.  The main focus for Phase 1 of the replacement program includes the East side of Main Street within the Central Heber area, as well as a four block stretch of sewer replacement along 3rd West.

Construction Days / Times

  • Daylight hours only

  • Mon - Fri

  • Sat - Sun (Beginning May 20)

Contact Public Information

Info Hotline: (435) 406-4910

(Press 1 to speak with Jeff)

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