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Updated 04/15/24 12:00 pm


Effective April 4, the intersection along 100 S and 500 E will be closed. Detours will be posted. Sewer rehabilitation work will also take place between 100 E and 500 E. Crews will begin to work on 200 E and 500 E simultaneously, followed by 300 E and 400 E. Please keep vehicles off the road during daylight hours M-F. 

As of 04/12, paving on 300 W is complete.

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* Schedule subject to change based on weather and material delivery


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As of late February, All Phase 1b-1 paving on this three-year project is complete.  All Winter work on 300 W between 300 and 400 N is complete, with final paving starting April 10.  Crews will return in the Spring to restore private surface vegetation and pave the entire roadway with a permanent asphalt.


On March 4th, crews began to shift along 100 S between 100 to 500 E continuing the remainder of Phase 1b-2.  The focus of the work is be to replace the sewer main and laterals beginning on the 100  to 200 E section. The crews are currently working between 200 E and 400 E. Road closures will be posted with alternate routes.


Effective April 1, crews have started doing roadwork between 200 E and 200 S. They will work their way towards 500 E throughout the next couple of months. Please keep your cars off of the road as construction crews work on these streets. 

By mid-April, construction crews will commence work along 100 S from 100 E to 500 E, focusing on replacing the irrigation system and installing a public internet service (Strata). For pressurized irrigation requests--please see the link below. 

Toward the end of April ,the crews will repeat this process to rehabilitate the water lines along that same route.

See ACTIVE CONSTRUCTION MAP for real-time updates.


Water Disconnect Notice(s):  

Be prepared for planned water disconnections within active construction zones.  You will receive 24-48 hr. notice.  Water outages should last from approximately 9am to 6pm.


Landscaping Restoration:  Surface restoration of phase 1B-1 landscaping will continue through the end of November or until the snow covers the lawns.  Any outstanding work remaining will resume in early Spring 2024. Emergent repairs to irrigation lines will be addressed on request.  Full restoration of property surface vegetation along the 300 S trail alignment will be completed in Spring 2024.  If you have immediate needs, contact our hotline. Paving on 300 W is complete as of 04/12/2024. 


Image:  Pre-cast sewer access manhole @ 400E/Center S. | 07/12/23


The city's water and sewer infrastructure in the Central Heber area has significantly exceeded its service life.  As such, necessary improvements essential to maintaining a safe and reliable water/sewer system for residents and businesses.  The main focus for Phase 1 of the replacement program includes the East side of Main Street within the Central Heber area, as well as a four block stretch of sewer replacement along 3rd West.

Construction Days / Times

  • Daylight hours

  • Mon - Fri

  • Sat - Sun (only as necessary)

  • No holidays

Contact Public Information

Info Hotline: (435) 406-4910

(Press 1 for live assistance)

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Image:  Culvert rehabilitation @ 300 W/Center S. | 02/26/2024

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Image:  Sewer Rehabilitation @ 100 E/100 S | 03/05/2024


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